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main goals of the projectscientific objectives

Industrial and economic objectives:


To achieve a manufacturing target cost for a complete QMEAT system below €30,000.


To optimise production by increasing industrial yield and producing more high quality products. (It is expected on average an increase in the benefits of about €700 per tonne of processed product.)


To assist abattoirs to know their real incidence of poor quality meats and to determine the cause/s of the problem. (By the use of QMEAT it is expected to reduce the incidence of PSE meats from 15% to 5%, RSE meat from 45% to 15% and DFD meat from 5% to 1 %.)


The inclusion of QMEAT system will allow objective, non-contact and automatic classification of all meat pieces. (The yearly cost of manual analysis is estimated to be in the range of €20-25/tonne, including the cost of probes and operator time). The cost of QMEAT analysis will be 1.1€/tonne assuming a lifetime of the machine of 10 years.


Social Objectives:


To achieve customer (retailers) and consumer satisfaction and confidence by the commercialisation of consistent quality products.


Increase of direct employment in QMEAT manufacture, installation and maintenance services by 150 jobs initially. Additionally new job opportunities will be created, especially for younger people in rural areas for tasks where previously years of experience were required.


Improving the working conditions of the employees by the use of an automatic classification system.


This proposal will contribute to policy objectives in terms of assisting in the improvement of the food quality production scheme and increasing the industries confidence in the system. Furthermore this co-operative research project contributes to the policy objectives of the Seven Framework Programme with regards to SME's, and in particular: supports SME Proposers in responding to the need for continuous innovation and technological adaptations. This project will also play a role in contributing to the building of the European Research Area (ERA) by bringing all the required resources to bear on boosting Europe's research effort, and hence the innovation potential of its SME's.