JCB Electromecánica

Business activities:

JCB Electromecánica is a Spanish company specialised in a wide range of products for industrial applications. They carry large stocks of electromechanical products such as AC/DC actuators, servo drives and motors, temperature controllers, human machine interface modules for a user-friendly graphical interface and programmable logic controller used to control automation processes. JCB is being very active in the design of inductive sensors for a number of applications like separation of metals and plastics for the recycling industry. JCB is commercialising an electromagnetic scanner “HAMGRADING” for the classification of hams. This new product is one of the results of the European project “MEATGRADING”, nº COOP-CT-2005-017615.

Role in the Consortium:

As experts in the design of electromagnetic sensor, electronics and image analysis, JCB will be in charge to produce the coils, electronic board assembly and the VIA system for the QMEAT system. Moreover, they will afford their invaluable experience of the market to the consortium and will play a key role in exploitation and dissemination of the results.

Expected Benefits:

They believe that the successful realisation of this project will be a real breakthrough for the meat sector. In these times of crisis providing innovative solutions to complex problems is a good incentive to help sales and improve the position of the company. JCB will be responsible to manufacture the MIS and VIA system and the required electronics into the QMEAT machine. We expect to lead the commercial exploitation of the results especially for the Spanish, French and Italian market. We plan to elaborate a strategic alliance with STRASSER for the manufacturing of the QMEAT system and to license the QMEAT to third companies for those countries where JCB or STRASSER decides.