Strasser Ges.mbH & Co. KG

Business Activities: Strasser offers a quality selection of machines. To achieve this we are very selective with our machines. We only stock machines which we would use ourselves and machines which we would have no hesitation in recommending.

This uncompromising demand for high quality has allowed us to be the chief agent in Austria for the most well known manufacturers across the food and butcher industry. As a full-line provider, we sell new machines for Seydelmann (cutters, grinders and mixers), Magurit (frozen meat cutters), Henneken (tumblers), Frey (fillers), Bastra (smoking units), Henkovac (vacuum machines), Foodlogistik (dicers), Jeros (washers) and Suhner (injectors) in Austria.

Role in the Consortium: As experts in mechanical design and manufacturers of machinery for the meat industry, STRASSER will collaborate at the different stages of design and manufacture of the mechanical structure which will support the MIS and VIA system. STRASSER will be in charge to ensure that the machine developed by the consortium meet the demands of the meat processing industry.

Expected Benefits: There is only one formula for satisfied customers and intrepreneurial success: hard work! And we have been living this principle, along with our employees, since the foundation of our company in 1979. STRASSER has gained its reputation in the food and butcher industry over the past 30 years. The name Strasser stands for exceptional machine technology and excellent service. With a network of over 1,000 customers from which 95% are in the meat processing business, the QMEAT system will help us to offer a new product to our customers. There is nothing similar to QMEAT on the market. QMEAT system will represent a real breakthrough in the sector.

Having such product, we plan to expand our business on the German market. We plan to develop the mechanical parts of the QMEAT system and integrate the MIS and VIA systems manufactured by JCB. STRASSER expects to have direct sells of the machine mainly in the German market. In collaboration with JCB, we expect to install a total of 200 QMEAT machines in 4 countries in a period of 5 years.