Prosciuttificio San Michele

Business Activities: We produce Parma hams in Langhirano, salted meats in the Salumificio San Martino in Parma and breed pigs in our pig farm in Montechiarugolo. Thanks to our passion for tradition and the skill achieved from experience, our factory in Langhirano has a production of over 75.000 hams a year. In the year 2001 we obtained the permission from the American Authority to produce in conformity with the USDA and FDA rules and the permission to produce for the Japanese market. We have been certified according to the environmental registration UNI EN ISO 140001 and we are one of the few Italian producers that are registered on the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme). The company produces a complete range of high quality pork products: cured salami, Parma ham, dry cured product from the back of the neck, dry salted cooked hams, roast and charcoal cooked ham specialities and other typical pork products dried and cooked.

We have customers in the Retail channel, distributors, normal trade and industry. 95% of our customers are located on the Italian territory, approximately 1,500 customers. Role in the Consortium: As an end-user, their role will be mainly in the integration tasks foreseen to characterise the performance of the QMEAT technology, in WP5. SANMI will be involved in the industrial validation of QMEAT, in WP6. Their experience in the pig meat manufacturing sector will be extremely useful, during the system specifications (WP1, WP2 and WP4).

Expected Benefits: The possibility of evaluating the quality parameters of products before processing would raise the quality standards and thus further enhance the perceived quality of our production to the final consumer. We also expect a notable increase in the profit sales of at least €600,000 by year for a production of 1,335 tonnes of cooked and cured products by year. Cured ham, cooked ham and in less proportion fiocco and neck will be the products we expect to optimise with QMEAT. Such machine will facilitate greatly the work by reducing the efforts dedicated to meat quality analysis. We perform random pH analysis in some of the higher added-value products for control issues but this technology cannot be applied for individual piece meat sorting. QMEAT will automatically classify the meat thus optimising the production process and having a significant impact in the production of high quality cooked ham and long time cured products like Parma ham. SANMI estimates on average an increase of €700-900 per tonne of finished product.