The University of Manchester

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University of Manchester is one of the largest in the UK with around 60 academic staff distributed in 6 different groups. The Sensors Imaging and Signal Processing (SISP) group have 12 permanent academic staff with approximately 50 research assistants and students. The group is one of the world leaders in researching and applying novel spectroscopy, tomography and imaging systems to industrial and biomedical applications using a range of sensing modalities.

Experience related with the project:

- ‘Development of multiple frequency electromagnetic induction systems for steel flow visualization’. X Ma, A J Peyton, S R Higson and P Drake. Measurement Science and Technology. 19/9, 094008, 2008

- ‘Intelligent system monitoring the body composition for better healthy life style and illness prevention’ (Bodylife, EU IST FW5) – The objectives of the project are the development of innovative ultrasonic and electromagnetic methods, and sensors coupled with an intelligent platform or system. That system will provide information about body composition that combined with the overall clinical and psychological profile of individuals will contribute to the improvement of their respective health provision and as well as their quality of life.


- ‘Imaging low-conductivity materials in Magnetic Induction Tomography’ (Lcomit, UK EPSRC: EP/E009832/1) – In this project three specific application was researched using electrical conductivity image in cross-section objects: biomedical (for imaging acute cerebral stroke), in glass production (for monitoring process parameters to ensure product quality) and in the oil industry (for imaging the process water in an oil/gas pipeline).