SSICA - Experimental station for the food preserving industry in parma

SSICA, now special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce in Parma, is an Institute for applied research, established in Parma in 1922 and operating on a national scale with the specific aim of promoting the technical and technological progress in the Italian fruit, vegetable, meat and fish processing industry. In 1999 SSICA was transformed into a public economic institution with important legal, operational and administrative modifications which, however, have left its mission and functions unchanged. To date SSICA is one of the most important institutions of applied research in the food preservation sector existing in Europe and in the world. Our main research activities are focused on:

- Pre-competitive industrial research and development.

- Analysis, testing and experimentation of products, processes and new technologies

- Consultancy for enterprises, public authorities and public institutions

- Technical and scientific dissemination of knowledge and documentation as well as promotion of quality in the meat, fish, fruit and vegetable preserving sectors

- Training of personnel destined for working in the above sectors

- Participation in technical standardisation activities

- Carrying out of specific activities entrusted by regional, national and supernational bodies.

Experience related with the project (Publications and related research project):

Research projects:

- 2008-2010. Meat quality and “Omic markers”. Effect of different genotypes on loin chop tenderness and on dry-cured ham quality and texture. Funded by Emilia Romagna Region

- 2007-2008. Grouping fresh hams into quality categories. Selection of raw matter aimed at the production of high quality dry-cured hams. Funded by Emilia Romagna Region

- 2004-2007. Defects of dry-cured ham due to breeding and slaughtering techniques. Funded by Emilia Romagna Region

- 2003-2006. Innovative systems for quality implementation and traceability in meat products chain (PRORICAR) funded by Ministry of Research and University and Ministry of Agriculture.

FP6 IP-FOOD-CT-2006-03245 Q-PORKCHAINS Pilot 6 2010-2011 Development of non-invasive technologies for assessment of fat content in order to select good meat quality.


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